Monday, April 29, 2013

Carrots have feelings just as cows have feelings...

The brilliant Indian scientist J.C. Bose demonstrated last century that plants, fruit and vegetables were living beings emitting an electrical current.

Carrots have feelings as do cows and they have a moment of death in order to feed us. We selectively honour the animal when the vegetable also experiences pain and sacrifice in order that we may survive.

We should give thanks, silent or spoken, a 'prayer' offered for the life given in service to us and our survival.

In London, Bose demonstrated these death spasms to Bernard Shaw, the philosopher and vegetarian who was unhappy to learn these facts and who said:

'to find that a piece of cabbage was thrown into violent convulsions when scalded to death.'

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time between Selves - or Depression

I am familiar with this but it is a long time since I have been in the depths of it.

To anyone who does feel this way however I would just say: This too shall pass. It represents a time of grieving and that needs to be honoured.

In this superficial and 'quick-fix' age, such experiences are labelled depression and people are advised to remove the symptoms as quickly as possible with pills, attitude, or some kind of treatment. But this just disguises and denies the experience itself and drives it deeper.

Although I would add that if we suddenly find ourselves in such a place,  some people, not all, might find a prescribed drug can be useful and necessary in the short-term. It can get us over the hump for three to six months, but that is all. It merely allows us to gather our strength and muster our reserves to do the work which must be done.

When we deny and 'hide' the experience, we end up in a 'no- wo/man's' land where we are neither one thing or the other - not who we once were and not who we are called to be. That truly is the path to madness.

These times are akin to the snake shedding its skin, or the crab, its shell - who we are, or who we have been, no longer fits and that Self must be discarded so a new one can 'grow.' It is during the time between Selves, when we are vulnerable, without our 'skin' or our 'shell' that we feel this way - but it is temporary and it is necessary.

 I likened it to jelly melting, and the liquid time is the hardest of all, when you feel as if all that you are has been reduced to something insubstantial, uncontrollable (as it has) and that you are 'sloshing' dangerously around in your life (as you are.) But slowly the jelly begins to 'set' and in time, long or short but always hard, you can feel and know the substance of yourself.

Much of this work must be done alone, for that is the nature of true growth as all of the ancient mystery schools knew. But we can find help along the way in someone to talk to - preferably someone with whom we do not have baggage; homeopathic remedies, which will act on physiological, psychological, spiritual levels and help us to re-balance as we make our way; herbal remedies which can sooth our physical pain; Reiki and acupuncture which can ease our energetic imbalance and creativity, which can help us express that which needs to be expressed - through painting, writing, craft, cooking, gardening, music, meditating.

Remembering always the words of Hildegard of Bingen: All is well and all is well and all manner of things are well.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The mess science makes

What on earth did the idiots think would happen to the rubbish they dropped along the way when they embarked on these very clever space programmes? It is the arrogant disregard for nature  and common sense, not to mention refusing to see the 'big picture' which makes modern science so criminal.

Science made the mess, let science clean it up. Although if human beings had not been so stupid they would never have set out on these grand adventures in the first place without working out how to do it cleanly.

The irony of it is that scientists are now hysterical about global warming and ranting about how we need to clean up our act and they are the ones who made the mess in the first place.

Which 'fairy' as I said often to my children and now say to my grand-children, 'do you think is going to pick up after you?'

Space debris problem now urgent - scientists

(AFP) – 8 hours ago

PARIS — Governments must start working urgently to remove orbital debris, which could become a catastrophic problem for satellites a few decades from now, a space science conference heard on Thursday.

Less medicine - more health

Less medicine - more health, was phrased by Ivan Illich, a man ahead of his time and no doubt ridiculed because of it. We live in a time when chronic illness is more common in adults and children than ever before, certainly since the days when sanitation and nutrition were improved. Why should health be poorer when there is more medicine than ever before? The answer is in the question.

Having said that, no-one denies, and this article applauds, the benefits within Allopathic Medicine but there is no doubt that along with some excellent good, it does a great deal of harm.

Excerpt: Ivan Illich was well ahead of his time2 in identifying and classifying the health hazards of the “medicalisation of society”. In the mid-1970s he used medicine as an example of his general thesis that industrialisation and bureaucracy were appropriating areas of life previously regarded as personal. In particular, he identified how drugs and other medical technologies remove personal responsibility for suffering and create dependence on health care, which itself has a wide range of hazardous slide effects.3
Less medicine, more health: a memoir of Ivan Illich -- Scott-Samuel 57 (12): 935 -- Journal of Epide
From trainee to consultant, BMJ Group offers doctors around the world tailored information, special events, learning r

Thursday, April 25, 2013

To honour or not to honour - that is the question.

On Anzac Day I honour all those who have suffered in war; soldiers and civilians alike because we labour under an illusion that soldiers are the ones who fight and win wars when they are merely participants, like everyone else caught up in it.

The civilians are too easily forgotten, the women, the children, the aged, the infirm were those who most often demonstrated heroism in their bid to survive.

They did not have a system of support as soldiers did and their courage and integrity are mostly ignored and forgotten, unless one trawls through photographs of war and sees them - making their way across devastated fields, through destroyed villages and towns, gaunt, by the side of roads choked with military weaponry, and broken, in the graveyards and hospitals.

And the women who worked and raised families alone and often with great suffering as their men went off to war to fight sometimes for freedom, but often for the machinations and manipulations of hegemonic leaders, deranged tyrants and opportunistic governments.

I hope for a world where wars are infrequent and are never waged by choice as so many illegal, immoral and unnecessary wars have been waged in the past decades... and still are. Anzac Day and any day which supposedly 'honours' those who fight in war would be more of an honour if we had no war.

Until that time there is a question as to whether or not the remembering and 'honouring' does more harm than good.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When people act badly

When people act badly remember they are damaged or wounded for it is not in our soul nature to seek to hurt others.
 Listen to the words your heart whispers before acting and not to those your ego shouts.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

The dangerous minefield which IVF is laying down.....

Every child has a right to know its biological mother, father and the woman who provides a womb. No child should be born without legal access to this knowledge if and when they want it.

It beggars belief given the trauma that adoptees have suffered in the past that science/medicine and society should be so cavalier about bringing human beings into a world where they will not or cannot know their biological parents.

The egg, the sperm and the womb are what create the child....that relationship is no small thing and for the sake of the child's physical and psychological well-being, needs to be respected.

The people who bring up a child may be the most loving of parents but they will never and can never take the place of biology. Denying that fact is just going to create misery for many in years to come. There will always be exceptions but if adoption is anything to go on, most people want to know their ancestry and many will want contact with those who created them.

Given the additional factor that it will be impossible to know the effects of the IVF process until two generations have passed and lived relatively normal lives and given birth to children who do the same, this knowledge is likely to be even more important for the human beings who result from the process in order that true comparisons of 'what is normal' can be made.

Many people who resort to this want a baby. What they often do not realise is that they are getting a human being and they will have that human being for life..... and most of that life they will not be a baby or a child, they will be an adult with adult needs, curiosities, experiences, emotions and physical reactions.

Beyond the first 12-15 years the problems will not be fixed with a kiss, a hug or a bandaid.

Having a child is not a right - it is a responsibility.