Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Be your own medicine

Iatrogenic is now the third biggest killer and rising. Doctor or medical induced deaths are a part of Allopathic, or what is called modern, or conventional medicine.
At the same time, rates of serious and chronic diseases have risen substantially and continue to rise and more so in children. Cancer is at epidemic proportions.
Whatever Allopathic medicine is doing it is not making people healthier. No-one can dispute the mechanistic skills involved in scientific understanding at the material level, nor the surgical and diagnostic abilities inherent in this system, but in terms of it translating to more and better health and actual cure, which means not regularly removing body parts, nor being medicated for life, nor being subjected to constant invasive procedures, modern Allopathic medicine is largely a failure.
There is no doubt the failure is sourced in the fact that modern medicine is sourced in materialist reductionist mechanistic modern science, which supports it despite the fact that it kills millions every year and hospitalises even more, most of it from the main 'tool' it uses - prescribed medication.
Any other system killing and injuring at this rate would have been seriously challenged long ago and many of its practises limited, if not banned.
The powerful profit-driven medical system has remained immune to exposure and management to large degrees, although, as billions of people around the world begin to look beyond Allopathic medicine to more holistic medical modalities, it is clear that if the system won't question itself and if the authorities won't question the system, then patients will. They, after all, are the ones living with chronic illness and facing death and injury through the Allopathic medical system.

Treatment of atomized individuals in a setting of atomized symptoms and treatments is by any measure the opposite of a system that encourages and enables everyone to…


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