Sunday, June 30, 2013

When healing is a true calling

There is no doubt that Allopathic practitioners may be 'called' to healing as are Shamans but it is the exception, not the rule for the simple reason that the study and practice of medicine in Allopathy is driven by two factors: the prestige of the academic achievement required to get into medicine in the first place, i.e. ego and the potential for enormous profits given how well the profession pays, i.e. greed.

In addition, both the prestige and the profit bring power so most of those drawn to Allopathic Medicine are people who have the skills to perform within the academic system, which makes them no more than suited to that particular system; the ego which desires or requires to be seen as superior or to gain prestige; the greed which desires or requires large amounts of money and the insecurity and/or ruthlessness which desires or requires power.

It is little wonder then that the practice of Allopathic or Modern Medicine has become so corrupted, distorted and debased when most of those in the profession are dysfunctional at worst and self-serving at best.

If massive profit were removed from both Allopathy and the Pharmaceutical industry which fuels the corruption and debasement of the profession even more, then there would be more doctors with a true calling as healers and more healing done in general.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Counting blessings

We are coming up to three years in Malawi - yes, it has gone fast, yes it has been seriously challenging and yes it is practice for living in the now, accepting what is, and being incredibly grateful to be an Australian and to know that we can return to one of the most efficient, sophisticated, egalitarian and nicest places to live on the planet ... and where people generally have a great sense of humour and can laugh at themselves and life.

Then again, maybe it is all that great food, great wine, great coffee and sunshine. But, since the job is open-ended we might have a bit more Africa work to do for some time yet. Perhaps when there is no 'light' at the end of the tunnel you find it easier to accept what is. I am not sure about that but it's a good theory.

What I do know is that living for so long in undeveloped or Third World countries makes one appreciate how good we have it, despite the flaws and the fact that many things could be better and that the veneer of civilization is flimsier than we think and our time is better spent working to preserve the best we have and seeking to improve what is, instead of whinging about what is wrong.

Counting blessings I think many of our ancestors would have called it and people who lived with greater poverty and injustice than Australians today could ever recognise. The same sort of poverty and injustice which still confronts most people in the world today, even some who live in countries which call themselves developed.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Mad science strikes again

The reality is that no scientist can say with any certainty what the impact of IVF will be or could be on the resulting human beings until two generations have passed and in essence, the IVF creation, his or her children and their grandchildren have lived relatively normal lives.

We already are seeing the first IVF creations coming into adulthood with substantially greater levels of mental illness and depression. Every cause has an effect and artificially creating life in a chemical bath in a petri dish where, as often as not, a sperm too weak to do the job naturally, is traumatically forced into an egg, MUST have an effect. No-one yet knows what that effect is or will be and if greed had not been the motivator in science/medicine, the procedure would have been used only in extreme cases, only for one child for any couple until the three generations had passed and it could be deemed safe.

You can bet the people making massive amounts of money won't be handing any of it out to support the millions who might suffer because of how they were created and the generations who follow them. Although given that science also now knows that many of these IVF's are sterile - hardly surprising given that their parents were - there may not be too many generations which suffer.

The other factor which beggars belief is that given the knowledge of the trauma suffered by adoptees who do not have knowledge or or access to their biological ancestry, that science/medicine could be so arrogant it would encourage a system where someone might never know or have access to their biological mother or father, nor the woman in whose womb they were grown.

Research now shows that DNA passes from the the foetus to the mother's body and brain - and only arrogant, mechanistic science/medicine would think this is not important for those who will have unconscious and physiological knowledge of a mother they will never meet.

If science/medicine admits that it has no idea what psychological, emotional or physiological impact this procedure will have on the adult child and his or her descendants and parents are prepared to take that risk then that is a different matter.

But there is no doubt that IVF as it is presented today gives the impression that it is perfectly safe and that the babies or children who have problems are in the minority and that the artificial conception of a human being is comparable with the natural conception of a human being when it is not and never will be and when whatever effects arise from the cause will not be known accurately for at least three generations.

Much of the meddling now done by science/medicine, including IVF, runs absolutely counter to the laws of nature and is done with arrogant disregard for the wisdom of nature because the body is seen as a machine or bag of chemicals, when patently it is not.

Nowhere in nature has conception ever appeared where it takes place in a dish of chemicals and where a needle is forced into an egg so that a sperm too weak to do the job naturally, can create a child. Nowhere in nature have animals or human beings been created with three or more biological parents.

It has nothing to do with religion - it is about common sense. By all means experiment, I have no problem with that, but proceed with caution and ensure that those who participate in your experiment - well, the resulting human being will have no choice - are fully informed and make their decision on the basis that science/medicine has absolutely no idea what the long-term effects of such artificial and unnatural conception will be. Because they don't and they won't for three generations at least.

Given that the first generation of these IVF human beings are now reaching adulthood and displaying worryingly greater signs of mental illness - schizophrenia and depression - does anyone really think that people would be so cavalier about using IVF if they thought that the cute baby which resulted would end up as a mentally ill adult who would need their help and support for the rest of their lives? I doubt it.

The commercialisation of IVF has been absolutely criminal and one can only hope that the decades to come show that the effect is minimal, because, if it is not the cost to society and those millions of 'satisfied' parents who got their baby against all odds, will be enormous.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

It takes two to tango.... violence in a relationship

Nothing happens in a vacuum when it comes to  marriage or de-facto relationships whether they are between a man and a woman or two men or two women and each person plays a part in how that relationship develops and what it becomes.

In terms of domestic violence, and there are of course instances where women are the abusers although the general thrust of protest is usually pointed at men, the questions which rarely seem to be asked are: What is it about the person which draws them into relationship with someone abusive or someone who becomes abusive in relationship with them and what is it about the person which keeps them there for years, sometimes decades?

Without answering those two questions the 'victim' will just move from one abusive relationship to another because 'violence' is never simply the fault of one person.

As a very simplistic story, and yes, it is simplistic and life generally isn't, but there is a core of profound truth which it relates:

A mother says to her daughter when she marries - if he hits you, then come home immediately. If you let him hit you twice then don't bother because you are a part of the problem.

Such a view is not politically correct in this age of black and white where men are made out to be violent demons and women the helpless innocents and there is no doubt in patriarchal, Third World cultures it is not possible for women to leave. But, in the First World, the developed world, anyone who stays around to be hit the second time has made a choice and accepted violence as a part of the relationship, because there are choices, there are options, there is help and there are places to go.

And no, it isn't easy, it isn't simple but a violent relationship between people is something which has been 'created' by the two of them and can only be maintained as long as both parties agree to do so. The agreement may not be conscious but it will be present and that makes both responsible and accountable for what happens.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Modern medicine is one of the top three killers

Modern medicine sees the body as a machine or 'bag of chemicals' which is why it gets so much wrong and why 'iatrogenic' is now one of the three big killers. Iatrogenic means doctor or medical induced!

Modern or rather, contemporary medicine, is also in thrall to the massively powerful pharmaceutical industry which needs to find symptoms and 'diseases' for which it can make a 'pill' which will bring even more profit.

Much of modern medicine is fear-based and pill profit-driven. Don't take any medication without thoroughly researching your symptom or condition and if you are wise you will explore healing methodologies like homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine first as they do no harm and respect the body, believing that if you treat your body correctly at physiological, psychological, emotional and even spiritual levels, it will repair, restore and heal anything.

Modern, contemporary or Allopathic medicine works on the basis that 'healing' is about removing symptoms. Traditional Healing Methodologies work on the basis that the only healer is the body and the goal is health at an optimum level where you do not get sick and, if you do, your body will correct, repair and heal.

No-one denies the value of Allopathy in crisis or emergency situations but for general and ongoing health and even for avoiding and treating major diseases it is not simply largely a failure, it is dangerous if not deadly. Surgery is the greatest skill of Allopathy, although again, much misused where the attitude is to 'remove' any part of the body which does not 'behave' first, instead of seeking to help the body and that part restore itself to health. But, there is no doubt that reconstructive surgery is a valuable skill and so is crisis management but most disease does not require reconstructive surgery, nor crisis management.

When it comes to health Allopathy, outside of crisis situations, should be a last choice, not a first.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

What intolerance!

What intolerance! And clearly this relates to the US, but be grateful that only in the US is there still the 18th century belief that poverty is self-inflicted.

Having said that, all those who subscribe to such mean-spirited judgements should remember that pretty much every one of us has had one or twenty or a hundred ancestors who would have fitted this category and yet who made their way beyond it and laid the foundation for a better life for all of us because there were enough people out there who did not think in this intolerant, mean-spirited, judgemental and vindictive way.

A little bit of understanding, compassion and plain old-fashioned kindness goes a very long way.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moving away from fear-based medicine

This reminds me of a brilliant book I read years ago written by an Australian doctor - Love Your Disease It's Making You Healthy.

Modern or Allopathic Medicine takes a position where the body is a machine or 'bag of chemicals' and it is an enemy to be mistrusted, watched, checked, tested, feared and at times hated. If we treated a human being like that we would not be surprised if they sickened and died and yet this is how we are so often encouraged to treat our bodies in the name of science/medicine.

Excerpt: What if you could beat an illness by embracing it? Fight sickness through it’s cause? According to Dr. Steven Goldsmith, you would be healthy. In The Healing Paradox the author describes how the Western approach to counteracting disease makes us sicker, while “fighting fire with fire” can actually cure us.

In psychotherapy, encouraging patients to exaggerate their symptoms of depression or anxiety has proved a more effective cure than prescribing drugs to mask their symptoms. The following excerpt introduces what Goldsmith sees as the fundamental flaw in Western medicine, and the key to changing our perception of disease in order to find health.