Monday, November 25, 2013

Modern medicine is a very sick system.....

The US system is just an extreme version of modern medicine as practised in general.

Allopathic Medicine is fear-based 'maybe' medicine where the focus is on encouraging people to at best mistrust their bodies and at worst fear and hate their bodies and to remain hyper vigilant for the slightest symptom which must then be repressed or removed because it might just possibly indicate they might just possibly, maybe, at some time in the future, succumb to a disease.

In such a system the patient loses and the medical industry, the world's most profitable and largest industry, goes from strength to strength. Profits rise, hospitals get bigger, medical salaries get higher and all the time human health deteriorates with increases in chronic and serious illness - tragically, also in children.

Something is very wrong and it is not just the practice of medicine in the US.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The problem is not dirty floors or food dropped on dirty floors but compromised or destroyed gut function...

Most people now have compromised immune and gut function because of the abuse of antibiotics and the ridiculous practice of using anti-bacterial cleaners, so killing even more of the good bacteria which keep you healthy, so they are more susceptible to bacterial infection.

There is also growing evidence that vaccines impact gut function and so the chances of having a healthy gut in this day and age, from the moment of birth, is severely compromised. Expect more cases of food poisoning and it won't be about floors or food but about gut function.

If you live in the Third World where you are exposed to more bacteria and potential infection and you have not destroyed your gut with over-use of antibiotics and the health-damaging anti-bacterial cleaners and wipes then you could probably pick up food from any floor in the First World and be absolutely fine.

While there may be faecal matter on the floor, the fact is, living somewhere like India where people commonly defecate in the street, you are breathing in faecal matter all of the time. Whenever you walk into a toilet in the First World, public or private, you will be breathing in someone else's faecal matter so this hardly rates as a danger.

Given that babies and toddlers spend a great deal of time dropping toys on the floor and sucking them or crawling and sucking their fingers, hands and toes given half a chance, the 'dirtiness' of a floor is hardly likely to be much of a factor - unless you have compromised or destroyed your immune response and your healthy gut bacterial through too many antibiotics or antibacterials.

So the premise of the article makes little or no sense except for those who are not healthy anyway and they would be wise to restore their health as opposed to becoming fanatical about floors and food.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

So, you end voting.... then what?

And just what would the argument be? If you choose not to participate in an election then you cannot complain. That is logical.

Anarchy is great as the first step in a process - rip it all down - then what? Demolition is not an end in itself, it is just clearing the way for something else.

You had best know what it is that is better before you demolish what you have. Okay. I am waiting. All those who don't believe voting works please describe to me what system will replace it! Is that still the sound of deafening silence?

Anyone who chooses not to vote has not only no right to complain, they have no right to an opinion on the Government which results. After all, it is not their government although they will be quick to take the benefits while moaning about the negatives.

Egregious hypocrisy on those who squander the right to vote.

Monday, November 04, 2013

To end abuse of political power we need more regulation not less.....

It is important when one discusses abuse of political power to bear in mind that in terms of the developed world, the greatest abuses exist in the United States and the situation there does not reflect that of other successful developed nations.

It is easy to assume that 'everyone is just like us' whichever country you call home but that is not the case. The most successful and least corrupt developed nations include northern European nations, Canada, Australia, NZ and to some degree, the UK. The least successful, in terms of the quality of the life the nation offers to its citizens on average, and the most corrupt political system is the US.

There is a great deal of rage in the US, a country which is also particular for the trait of both hating and fearing Government which is not found anywhere else in the developed world and there is no doubt that nation needs to change more than any other.

In terms of other developed democracies, and again, it needs to be remembered, the US is not a democracy but a constitutional republic, to lesser and greater degrees, political systems are in need of improvement; but then all systems are always in need of improvement. The developed democracies which function most justly and most efficiently need little more than tweaking - the system does work. It would be a mistake, to look at the problems the US faces and assume this is the face of democracy in a developed nation because it is not.

In terms of the abuse of power; there is less abuse where there is the most regulation. The successful developed nations have no fear of Government regulation and while one could make the charge there is too much, the fact is they work better than the alternative where there is too little.

Human nature is such that a way will be found to 'milk' the system to some degree for most people. There are also cultural attitudes which predispose one to this and the immigrant nations like the US, Canada, Australia and NZ may be more prone to such attitudes depending upon immigrant sources.

And human nature is the 'fly in the ointment' always. Humanity has come up with some wonderful ideas - religion and communism and capitalism being three of them. And the results for all three were deeply flawed and often destructive. Why? Not because they did not espouse noble and productive causes, because they did, but because they did not take into account human nature. And it was and is human nature which dragged and drags them down. If any of them had held to the highest ideals they would be very different beasts. All of them suffered from a lack of regulation; all of them became destructive because they relied on something which would never be a reality - human beings, in the main, acting with integrity.

Where there is little or no Government regulation or control, as history so clearly reveals and as so much of the Third world today continues to demonstrate, behaviour will be reduced to the base level; it will not, of its own accord, rise to the highest level. And those who are prepared to act without integrity or concern for others will set the benchmark, both in economic and behavioural terms, and most people will then, in order to compete, allow themselves to be dragged down to this level. It has ever been thus.

Where laws and regulations are in place which force or maintain certain standards, there will always be a few who will try to rort the system but most will ultimately end up in court, and the standards in general will hold.

When political systems become corrupt and Government systems become corrupt, then societies decline and you have the truth consistently demonstrated: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It does not have to be that way and in the developed democracies which function most effectively - it is not.