Monday, November 25, 2013

Modern medicine is a very sick system.....

The US system is just an extreme version of modern medicine as practised in general.

Allopathic Medicine is fear-based 'maybe' medicine where the focus is on encouraging people to at best mistrust their bodies and at worst fear and hate their bodies and to remain hyper vigilant for the slightest symptom which must then be repressed or removed because it might just possibly indicate they might just possibly, maybe, at some time in the future, succumb to a disease.

In such a system the patient loses and the medical industry, the world's most profitable and largest industry, goes from strength to strength. Profits rise, hospitals get bigger, medical salaries get higher and all the time human health deteriorates with increases in chronic and serious illness - tragically, also in children.

Something is very wrong and it is not just the practice of medicine in the US.


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