Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Would you let someone cut the wires to the warning light in your car..?

If a warning light came on in your car and you took it along to the technician and the advice was: 'I can fix that. I will just cut the wires and the light will go off.'

Would you think that was a sensible solution, after all, the light would no longer be on, or would you think they were mad?

Well, that is the approach most of modern medicine takes to symptoms, the 'warning lights' of the body. They 'cut' the connection with a knife or they 'cut' it with a drug and if the 'warning light disappears' they think and so does the patient, that the job is done.

But what would the result be if that is the approach you took to your car? Eventually it would break down. Little wonder then that serious disease and chronic illness is dramatically on the rise in those societies which have the most medical treatments. People should be healthier, not sicker. Remember the car!


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