Monday, October 21, 2013

Science is akin to a semi-literate adolescent armed with nuclear weapons....

Science is dangerous because it is arrogant and because it only sees the world through its blinkered paradigm of materialism and mechanism.

Any system which tells itself that it is the 'best hope' and the one which is 'most likely to be right' will become tyrannical and irrational. Look what happened to religion. The difference is that while religion could and did wreak havoc and cause destruction and the death of millions, science in its madness, arrogance and ignorance could destroy the world or most forms of life..... time for science to be brought under control.

At its best it may have integrity but as it functions that is long gone and it operates purely for profit, ego, personal gain and power most of the time.

And with no respect for and little understanding because of its materialistic and mechanistic mindset, of how this world really works, it equates with a semi-literate adolescent armed with nuclear weapons. And still they keep saying: Trust us, we are scientists and we know best and we are always right, as the evidence of their destructive capacity litters the world.


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