Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The M factor which sabotages modern medicine - mechanistic, materialistic, moralistic and militaristic.

I have long thought that modern, Allopathic medicine was deeply flawed and less effective because it takes a materialistic and mechanistic view of the human body and of life but as Steven Goldsmith, MD, points out in his brilliant book, The Healing Paradox, its other flaws are that it is both moralistic and militaristic.

Any healing methodology which allocates blame for disease to the patient's behaviour and takes the view that the body is the enemy and medicine and doctors the army and weapons which will defeat the misbehaving body is doomed to fail.

All three factors play a part in the entrenchment of Allopathy in Fear-Based Medicine - a belief system which by its nature must sabotage any healing process to some degree.


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