Monday, July 29, 2013

Assisted reproduction is the cause but we have no way of knowing what the ultimate effect will be.....

The most troubling thing about this technology is that it has been commercialised and made available to anyone who can pay for it when the highly experimental nature of it should, if sanity had prevailed, demanded that only a minimum of such pregnancies took place until science/medicine could gaurantee the procedure was safe and that will not be possible until a generation of IVF created human beings have grown up and lived relatively normal lives and given birth to children who do the same.

There is absolutely nothing in nature which equals forcing the female body with the use of chemicals and drugs to produce multiple eggs and then processing those eggs in a petri dish bath of chemicals and solutions and then forcibly injecting a sperm which would never procreate in nature into the egg in a traumatic way which could never exist in a human being.

Every cause has an effect and such traumatic and interventionist manipulation of the mother's body and the procreative process will have an effect. The question is how much of an effect. A female is born with all her eggs and those eggs will have been affected by the trauma her mother faced in forced egg production and both males and females resulting from this process will be affected in some way.

As the first generation of these human beings come to young adulthood there are already indications that they have higher rates of infertility, which is hardly surprising, but also higher rates of mental illness.

One wonders how many people would choose to have a child if they had been told the true facts: a. science has no idea what the ultimate effects might be,b. not only are their likely to be physiological problems but indications are there are likely to be psychological problems.

It is one thing to have a cute baby and quite another to deal with a mentally ill child for fifty or sixty years. And science/medicine cannot gaurantee that will not be the case. The commercialization of this procedure, pushed by the science/medicine industry represents criminal culpability.

Who will pay for the millions of damaged individuals if IVF has far more of a damaging effect on those created in this way and any descendants they may have?

The arrogance and greed of science/medicine in this instance is truly shameful.

And that does not even take into account the disgraceful disregard for nature and humanity in creating in the laboratory someone who might end up with five parents: the egg mother, the sperm father, the womb mother and two 'parents.' We already know the trauma suffered by adoptees and yet here is science/medicine encouraging levels of trauma which human beings have never experienced.

It would be better if every child born in this way had access too all of their parents although given the 'womb and egg for hire' industry, accessing your womb mother, or your biological mother, your egg mother, who lives in some Third World hellhole might be difficult. To add insult to injury some of these children are going to be brought up with two fathers or two mothers, with no recognition of the missing parent and no connection with a psychologically healthy environment where one has a mother and a father even if one never meets the mother or father.

The entire industry is Frankenstein in concept and one can only hope it will not be Frankenstein in outcome.

Science/medicine has no problem telling people what they can and cannot do and dictating when it suits. With this sort of technology they should have erred on the side of caution instead of turning it into a multi-billion dollar industry which takes no account of the humanity of those involved, beyond the 'satisfying' of a need or demand on the part of one or two adults. The baby is simply not taken into account and neither are those who provide eggs, sperms, wombs - it is sourced in greed and hubris.

If this procedure had been used properly it would only have been made available to truly desperate cases and there would only be one pregnancy. That is however not what happened and the most egregious abuse of the procedure was the single American woman who was allowed to produce six children in this way and then have another eight in one pregnancy!

One cannot help but be struck by the arrogance and hypocrisy of science/medicine where women are made to feel guilty for drinking a glass of wine or eating soft cheese or salami and yet here we are, with this completely artificial and traumatically interventionist way of conceiving and that is okay.

It seems that as far as science/medicine is concerned the chemicals and drugs they pump into women and babies are okay despite the fact that in the main they are potentially more damaging and destructive than anything most individual women might do.


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