Friday, July 19, 2013

Of course everything in the human body has a purpose....

I know I frequently comment on the mistakes and at times arrogance of science/medicine but the reason is, while I can admire the mechanistic skills which Allopathy has in crisis situations and reconstructive surgery, it gets so much else wrong, like believing there could be any organ or function of the body which has no purpose, and that is why it so often fails to heal but instead maintains chronic ill-health in so many people.

Of course the appendix had a purpose. And yes, if it threatens to kill you by all means remove it but don't touch it otherwise. Ditto for things like adenoids and tonsils which are also a vital part of our immune response and which were removed with cavalier arrogance in the past and are often still removed with cavalier ignorance.

Sure, science gets there in the end but if it had respect for the wisdom and function of the human body it would get there so much faster and to the benefit of humanity.


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