Sunday, July 07, 2013

Replacing robotic doctors with real robots - would we notice?

Mechanistic/materialist medicine gone quite mad and now they are talking about robots to carry out procedures. Nothing more clearly demonstrates the difference between Allopathic approaches and that of medical treatments like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine or Homeopathy - robots to play doctors.

 Well, the fact is, given how modern medicine works,  where doctors today are mainly chemists who prescribe drugs and secretaries who order tests, they could be replaced by robots. And, given the clear failures of modern medicine and the fact it now ranks as the third biggest killer, no doubt the robots could increase those numbers as they administer their vaccines, pharmaceuticals, dangerous intrusive tests with as much compassion, intelligence and common sense that a robot can muster.

And to add insanity to arrogance, Bill Gates now talks about the use of cell phones for vaccination monitoring in India and Africa - places where, the data is now revealing, with increased vaccination programmes is coming increased autism.Let's computerise the Third World - as if they will achieve anything? As if anyone can control anything in places like Africa when the Africans cannot even control their own lives.

More to the point, he clearly has no idea how such places work. Let's bring mosquito nets to Africa someone said and it is a truly excellent idea to combat malaria but, guess what happened - the locals looked at them and thought: 'great fishing nets,; so guess where the mosquito nets ended up?


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