Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moving away from fear-based medicine

This reminds me of a brilliant book I read years ago written by an Australian doctor - Love Your Disease It's Making You Healthy.

Modern or Allopathic Medicine takes a position where the body is a machine or 'bag of chemicals' and it is an enemy to be mistrusted, watched, checked, tested, feared and at times hated. If we treated a human being like that we would not be surprised if they sickened and died and yet this is how we are so often encouraged to treat our bodies in the name of science/medicine.

Excerpt: What if you could beat an illness by embracing it? Fight sickness through it’s cause? According to Dr. Steven Goldsmith, you would be healthy. In The Healing Paradox the author describes how the Western approach to counteracting disease makes us sicker, while “fighting fire with fire” can actually cure us.

In psychotherapy, encouraging patients to exaggerate their symptoms of depression or anxiety has proved a more effective cure than prescribing drugs to mask their symptoms. The following excerpt introduces what Goldsmith sees as the fundamental flaw in Western medicine, and the key to changing our perception of disease in order to find health.


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