Sunday, May 05, 2013

Madness, arrogance and greed - the great scientific experiment on humanity

Science/medicine has overseen and pushed the most massive age of experimentation that humanity has ever seen.

In the past 50 years, through drugs, vaccination, ultrasounds, IVF and the technology to which so many babies and children are constantly subjected, the human organism has been forced to experience so much that is unnatural and possibly harmful that, when these things have been fully 'tested'  - and that will take two generations where babies have grown up to live relatively normal and healthy lives and given birth to babies who do the same - science/medicine may have been found to be criminally culpable in the most devastating ways.

And the reasons behind this 'push' without adequate thought, research, caution or respect for nature, has been two-fold: the unbridled arrogance of the science/medicine materialist mindset and the unbridled greed within both the scientific and medical systems.

Within another twenty years we may well come to look upon the devastation caused by religious arrogance  and greed as minor, compared to that which science/medicine has unleashed on the world for it has been the children who have been made the 'lab rats' by a system which has far less knowledge and wisdom than it believes, and far greater arrogance than is good for humanity.


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