Sunday, April 07, 2013

The dangerous minefield which IVF is laying down.....

Every child has a right to know its biological mother, father and the woman who provides a womb. No child should be born without legal access to this knowledge if and when they want it.

It beggars belief given the trauma that adoptees have suffered in the past that science/medicine and society should be so cavalier about bringing human beings into a world where they will not or cannot know their biological parents.

The egg, the sperm and the womb are what create the child....that relationship is no small thing and for the sake of the child's physical and psychological well-being, needs to be respected.

The people who bring up a child may be the most loving of parents but they will never and can never take the place of biology. Denying that fact is just going to create misery for many in years to come. There will always be exceptions but if adoption is anything to go on, most people want to know their ancestry and many will want contact with those who created them.

Given the additional factor that it will be impossible to know the effects of the IVF process until two generations have passed and lived relatively normal lives and given birth to children who do the same, this knowledge is likely to be even more important for the human beings who result from the process in order that true comparisons of 'what is normal' can be made.

Many people who resort to this want a baby. What they often do not realise is that they are getting a human being and they will have that human being for life..... and most of that life they will not be a baby or a child, they will be an adult with adult needs, curiosities, experiences, emotions and physical reactions.

Beyond the first 12-15 years the problems will not be fixed with a kiss, a hug or a bandaid.

Having a child is not a right - it is a responsibility.


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