Saturday, March 23, 2013

A child's natural right is a mother and a father........

There is something terribly wrong about a scientific/medical system which allows human beings to be created in laboratories with multiple biological parents - egg, sperm, womb - and where the child will never have knowledge of or access to those parents.

It is a reality that human beings have a mother and a father and two 'mothers' or two 'fathers' in a physical sense does not make up for the lack of the biological father or mother. Every human being born should have a right to know of and to contact their biological mother or father and now, their biological womb!

Given the trauma that adoptees have suffered through not having this knowledge or access it beggars belief that society should so blithely allow even more complex and traumatic parent/child relationships.

It does not matter how loving two fathers, two mothers or non-biological heterosexual parents might be - as adults, those human beings have been denied rights to their biological inheritance.


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