Friday, March 01, 2013


Are people less polite and if so why?

I remember when if you had someone to dinner they rang or sent a note saying thank-you.

I remember when if you sent someone a gift they rang or sent a note saying thank-you.

I remember when you wrote a letter to someone they rang or wrote back. I remember when if you left a telephone message you would always get a return call.

It is not just courtesy, what happened to gratitude and graciousness and consideration for the feelings of others?

It is the small gestures we make towards others and the small efforts we make to be courteous which makes society and the world a better place.

When we forget or cannot be bothered taking into account the feelings of others we become insensitive and uncaring whether we know it or not and that attitude will impact not just our lives but our relationships with others and with ourselves.

We become what we think and what we do and what we believe and when we drop the small courtesies which show we take others into account, we become not just less polite, but less nice as human beings. A little bit of kindness and plain old fashioned nice goes a very long way.


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