Friday, April 26, 2013

Less medicine - more health

Less medicine - more health, was phrased by Ivan Illich, a man ahead of his time and no doubt ridiculed because of it. We live in a time when chronic illness is more common in adults and children than ever before, certainly since the days when sanitation and nutrition were improved. Why should health be poorer when there is more medicine than ever before? The answer is in the question.

Having said that, no-one denies, and this article applauds, the benefits within Allopathic Medicine but there is no doubt that along with some excellent good, it does a great deal of harm.

Excerpt: Ivan Illich was well ahead of his time2 in identifying and classifying the health hazards of the “medicalisation of society”. In the mid-1970s he used medicine as an example of his general thesis that industrialisation and bureaucracy were appropriating areas of life previously regarded as personal. In particular, he identified how drugs and other medical technologies remove personal responsibility for suffering and create dependence on health care, which itself has a wide range of hazardous slide effects.3
Less medicine, more health: a memoir of Ivan Illich -- Scott-Samuel 57 (12): 935 -- Journal of Epide
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