Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hysterically bad is the movie Hysteria

We watched the movie Hysteria last night. Apart from the fact that it had been made superficial and sanitised, no doubt in the name of Hollywood' pursuit of the peurile and banal, it was still a good, if sobering story about the atrocities perpetrated on women in times past (and still in some places), in what was considered to be the modern world.

Strong-willed, rebellious women were likely to have their uterus removed - to calm them down - if not institutionalised and lobotomised in the 19th century.

The movie could and should have been much better and would have been if the British had made it and not just been hauled in to act in it. In truth, the approach to the story reeked of the same sort of attitudes which oppressed women in the times - all a bit of a laugh, a mockery in fact, of something which was sad, serious and misogynistic.

Let's hope for a remake where the guts and grit is revealed - in the meantime.

But they also had a trailer on research and it seems that the vibrator is still controversial in Texas for instance and one can only possess six before contravening law. The theory is that more than six and you might be selling them.

You can of course have as many guns as you like! Crazy place.


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