Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Only Americans can save themselves.....

As long as Americans divide everything into black and white, Republican and Democrat, good and evil etc., they will never resolve their massive problems. The US government is corrupt and incompetent.

Lobbying makes it corrupt, an iniquitous system which other developed nations have not picked up and the impossibility of more than 50 States, little countries, autonomous entities, divided into Republican or Democrat make it impossible for the Federal Government to take action as is required.

The US is ungovernable and it is that fact, combined with the deep and endemic racism toward blacks and latinos, which has sowed the seeds of the nations social and material decline. The US offers the worst quality of life in the developed world to its citizens on average and claims to be the wealthiest. The wealth is debateable given the fact that much of US debt is held by foreigners, some 46% - China having the largest share of $1.2 trillion in bills, notes and bonds.

Logic suggests that while the US remains China's biggest market and that is powerfully important for the Chinese economy, that they will not 'call in their markers.' But, with 49% poverty in the US and rising, who is to say, down the track, as the market contracts and diminishes, that the Chinese will not use the most effective and peaceful weapon they have, to bring the US to its economic knees?

The US has never been in such parlous state and never so vulnerable. Only Americans can fix that.


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