Saturday, July 27, 2013

How Homeopathy might work

Homeopathy does not yet have a definite theory on how sucussion (potentization) works but there are a number of theories which might apply.
Advances in Quantum Physics is creating potential for greater understanding of possible theories but the narrow materialist/mechanistic mindset of science/medicine will need to expand before even these can be accepted enough to be put into practice in tests.
In the meantime, Homeopathy works and that is what matters. Homeopathy is not Allopathic in nature, in that it targets a symptom or symptoms or even a disease - it seeks to treat the individual on the basis that a balanced organism will heal/cure any condition in its own way.
Homeopathy in my view, must work at a vibrational/energy level where a 'signature' of the remedy matches the 'signature' of the condition and in the doing, cancels it out and re-balances the organism. Sort of like a 're-boot.'
Studying the physics of soundwaves can give insight into possible theories.

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