Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Don't be a lab rat, eat real food

Do not take the word of science/medicine. Listen to what they say, do some research and then apply common sense and you will probably dismiss what they have said.

 Many of us, never swallowed (pun not intended) the rot about margarine decades ago and continued to opt for products which were as close to natural as possible, as opposed to the hideous (taste and content) of the chemical concoction produced in a laboratory and called margarine or those chemical hybrids of spreadable  butter, and now, yet again, science/medicine begins to change its mind.

 Well, it has been changing its mind on margarine for  a few years now but the margarine industry has a lot of people well and truly hooked. So is the damage done by science/medicine sourced in the materialistic, mechanistic, data and statistic (remember lies and statistics) driven paradigm.

Go back to butter and enjoy it. And opt for full cream milk and give up those hideous low-fat, non-fat chemical concoctions which are made for lab rats not humans.


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