Monday, October 28, 2013

Homeopathy is energy medicine

Homeopathy is energy medicine - the body is an energy field manifesting in material form. To quote:

'That Western medicine has not yet embraced modern field theories as fundamental and transforming speaks to a bureaucratically and economically driven medical system, an entrenched politics and a professional conservatism.

Nevertheless, there has been an explosion of research just outside the precinct of conventional medicine that is based on the body as an energy field, affirming that the material structure of the body is a secondary phenomenon of the primary and generative energy field that sustains it.

Some recent research goes so far as to propose that our human consciousness can, in some respects, be considered the field becoming aware of itself.

These sophisticated theories suggest a new description of disease as a field disturbance first and foremost, manifesting only secondarily as a pathology. In other words, illness arises from the field before it manifests in the material structure of the body.

So if we really wish to understand the problem of illness, and want to effect real change in our health, it is at the field level - the energy level - that we must begin.'

The Unbroken Field, by Dr Michael Greenwood. Trained at St. John's College Cambridge and St Mary's Hospital, London, he is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Meditation.


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