Monday, February 28, 2011


The storm is bared with bitter teeth,

as windy shrieks torment;

the sinking day is ravaged

the night is fully rent.

Within the howling arms,

we shudder to the floor;

close mind and eyes to sight

and pray for peaceful dawn.

The shattering of windows

with glass in vicious dance;

the timber splinters wilfully

as homes are torn apart.

In small and shivered huddling,

we know ourselves as borne

on arms of deadly wondering,

as Mother Nature yawns.

The eye is hard upon me,

the mouth spits vicious breath;

the storm in violent birthing,

creates, destroys and rests.

And in the silent endings,

as whispered words are held,

the living drag back into life

and death rings mournful bells.

The night has fallen into day,

the storm into itself

and life returns to broken calm;

where order creeps in stealth.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Not knowing who I was

I spoke falsehood to myself

and to you, and the lies bred well

until there was no way to tell

who I might have been.

It was not done to deceive,

but to survive;

there seemed no other way

to be; the choice was made

by other, unseen me’s.

They come now,

to introduce themselves,

after all this time

to make themselves known;

because they must.

I welcome them, but there is fear

because I had not known

how many stayed within;

because I had not suspected,

how much of me they lived.

They come to me now

because you have grown so old and weak

that I know you wish to leave

and I must prepare to take your place

as oldest Daughter.

I seem surrounded by so many voices,

I understand now, how it was for you;

there was less time and help for you

to find your way and so you fell.

I have had angels by my side

And they have taken your place

And held my hand;

There has been much given.

It could have been the same for you,

or perhaps it could not.

I shall never know in this world

and neither will you.

I ask only that I may look upon your life

With understanding and with love

Sunday, February 20, 2011

More attempts at Haiku:

1. Whispered feelings,

Feelings whispered

Through the lips of life.

2. Smiles which draw

you into glittering web;

bringing you back home.

3. You sent me love

and asked for payment;

so I declined.

4. Fruit grows full and green,

breath-held balloons of life;

browning through to ripe.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Feeling runs naked, raw-fleshed,

nostrils flaring against the wind

that screams in shrill collusion

the song that terror brings.

Caught up, bare haunched and bleeding,

red tears of pain and joy,

the new-born child of healing,

holds court, transforms the day.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I have been toying with some Haiku poems of late. They are new to me and work on syllables of five, seven, five. Easier said than done. But an interesting medium all the same. Apparently with traditional Haiku, a season should be mentioned.

Spring sat silent,

Winter spat in Summer's face,

Autumn grieved alone.

Black cloud on winter

falling toward bright Summer

as if possessed.

Your tears fell slowly

upon waiting, grieving heart

to heal in sighs.

The moment drifted

onwards through a gentle smile

to settle on me.

Words wilt through me,

dribble into sullen places,

denying knowledge.