Friday, February 14, 2014

Why the world needs feminism

The war on women is deeply entrenched in society, even in the developed world still, where true gender equality exists nowhere on this planet and while women, who are part of society, may naturally participate in this war, it is not a war which came from women but one which came from deluded, misguided, dysfunctional men.

It is a tribute to the courage, wisdom, compassion and grace of women through thousands of years, and still around the world, that they have chosen in the main, not to fight this war with all the power they can muster, as they might, because this is the only war in the history (recorded anyway) of humanity where someone is called to fight parent, spouse, sibling and child.

No man has ever been called to battle as enemy his wife, mother, sister or daughter.

And now there is a new war against feminism, which, like any system has its faults, but which has taken the world forward in ways never before seen.

If you want to know what feminism brought, have a look at laws and attitudes to women in the developed world prior to the 1960's. I lived it so I know what feminism brought. I bet they don't teach that in schools. Too busy teaching climate change and anti-nuclear power agendas when the most important point in the last few thousand years of history was the changes brought by feminism.

Research shows again and again and again that in those cultures where women have greater equality (still not really equal) and education everyone benefits and the society advances faster, better and in more enlightened ways.


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