Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I feel grateful, not proud

I have always been reluctant to use the word proud. It never seemed right to be proud of my work, life, house, even children.

 I guess I could be proud of getting work done, of surviving life, of making my house look beautiful.... but pride with kids, no, they are their own selves and spirits and I think more than anything I felt gratitude not pride; I was grateful to have them as a gift in my life and grateful to see them bravely make their way through the stages and challenges of life with courage, determination, wisdom (sometimes) and most importantly, common sense. I did not do that - they did and do that.

 We have less influence on our children than we may think and the most powerful lesson we can offer is ourselves as an example. You can be proud of yourself when you do the work as a parent, but that is all. Then again, I think grateful is a better word.


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