Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Justice will triumph but Israelis have also been sabotaged by their frenemies....

I rarely bother with the issue  of Israel/Palestine on discussion threads anymore, for two reasons, the first being that world opinion has changed substantially since I first took an interest many years ago and is now on the side of justice for the Palestinians, and secondly, because the level of delusion and propaganda from Israel defenders has risen dramatically and intelligent, reasoned, rational debate is almost impossible.

Whether they are poor students employed by the Israeli government or so-called 'friends' of Israel who have no real understanding of Israel, Palestine or the situation, all I know is that before too long, they resort to abuse, name-calling and insults. Which is tedious and childish.

I care about this issue because I care about injustice of any kind as a principle. The Israeli/Palestinian situation is just one of many. There is more focus on Israel because it stands as one of the most deluded and hypocritical nations in history - calling itself a democracy, an enlightened society, a 'light' to the world and particularly the Middle East, when it is quite the opposite.

On a personal level, I have Israeli and Jewish friends who are deeply disappointed in what Israel has become and what it does in their name, both of the State and the religion. Although Israel does not represent Judaism, despite, more often than not, giving Jews a bad name. Many Jews and Israelis are deeply ashamed of what Israel is and does.

And in my best of worlds, if there were a magic wand, and I could wave it, I would have waved it to create two fully independent and viable, that means completely equal in terms of their independence and control over air, land and sea borders and a capacity to protect themselves, with contiguous borders.

But I don't have a wand and Israeli paranoia has made it impossible for such a situation to be created and Israeli greed, wanting all of Palestine has made it impossible for such a situation to be created and so we stand, at this point in history, after just over half a century, where world opinion is now firmly on the side of justice for the Palestinians and utterly opposed to the Israeli state as occupier, coloniser and apartheid, and the regional bully. And that means there can be no other outcome but a one-state solution.

The other reality which is clear to anyone who spends time in Israel, is that religious racism is so entrenched and so potent, that the only reason Israel has not done what every other coloniser has ultimately done - create one state with equal rights for all - is because the Zionists have inflated the inherent Judaic belief in the superiority of its followers, into an outright religious racism which sees non-Jews in general as inferior and the Palestinians in particular and Arabs in general, as even more inferior.

Israel has rejected the logical (and ultimate outcome) because Israelis believe it is untenable that they, as Jews, whether practising or not, should be a minority in a democracy. The white South Africans took a similar view, sourced in racial differences. But whether religious or racial, racism is racism.

Israel's folly was the same as South Africa - the indigenous people outnumber the colonists and when you have decades of abuse, cruelty, subjugation and atrocities committed against those indigenous people, it makes it very, very hard for the colonial minority to feel at home in the new democracy where everyone is equal.

So Israel's tragedy is that it has not had friends who would tell it the truth and help it deal with the reality of its situation and its endemic bigotry; whether nations or individuals. Israel has been sabotaged by its frenemies who have allowed, and at times encouraged it on a course which can only lead to the end of any Jewish State and perhaps, with a Palestinian majority, the end of any State called Israel.

It did not have to be this way. No-one would have much cared if, in a two-state solution there was a Palestinian democracy or theocracy and an Israeli theocracy - a religious state which gave superior rights to Jews. After all, the Saudis do the same and the world puts up with that. Such states are backward and ultimately have no place in a modern world, but as long as the only ones they harm are themselves, no-one really cares.

But Israelis wanted it all and their so-called friends have allowed them to erroneously believe they could have it all, when in truth, they will end up with probably nothing much. Unless they are flexible enough to become Palestinians in the one-state solution. And that is sad, given the hopes and dreams that Israelis and many Jews had about their colonial enterprise.


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