Friday, January 17, 2014

A brilliant book on health, medicine and healing

 I would just say as a writer, journalist, editor (compared to much today only a couple of typos ) and reader who has read hundreds of books on health/medicine/science - probably thousands over 40 years, this book is one of the best, most balanced, comprehensive and useful I have seen. Malerba has put together something in eminently readable, but informed terms, laced with common sense, wisdom and insight and presented it in balanced form.

I found it fascinating from beginning to end and he holds his topic in light but cohesive hands. Even those who quiver at the concept of anything other than an Allopathic approach and who turn pale at the suggestion that other medical methodologies are equally sound and often better, will be soothed by Malerba's reasoned and grounded approach.

It should be read by anyone with the slightest interest in health.

It should be required reading for every doctor, nurse and medical professional on the planet although the time for such enlightenment is probably some years away. But books like this lay the groundwork for a time when medicine is something which actually cures and heals and not simply treats, monitors or maintains and where every medical methodology utilised as part of a process of establishing and maintaining optimum health.

As a homeopathic physician, also medically trained in the Allopathic sense,  he touches on Homeopathy, naturally, and rightly so because it is likely to pave the way as the medicine of the future which will lead Allopathy out of its limited paradigm of the materialistic and mechanistic, but the focus of the book is medicine in general and it is left to the individual to pursue selectively as he or she may wish.

The research behind this and the pragmatism, insight, wisdom and intelligence, not to mention excellent writing skills, make this book something of a 'bible' - a foundation work - for anyone wishing to understand, appraise or process the conventional allopathic medical approach and the approach of other medical methodologies, including Homeopathy.

It is one of the most important books on health, healing and medicine to be published. And as a serious cynic, critic and natural sceptic (in the true sense of the word), I do not say that lightly.


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