Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Look after your body and you look after your life...

It is logical to assume that the human organism has developed over millenia and survived because it was created with the ability to do so - both to survive and to adapt.  We only need to study bacteria and viruses to see that. The micro is the macro.

The most crucial factor in that resilience and survival is the immune system for it is here that health is maintained through the constant and regular control of any threats. Logic then suggests that anything which compromises that function compromises our health to lesser and greater degrees.

Our physical inheritance plays a part, circumstances play a part, what we eat plays a major part and in this day and age, medical intervention plays a huge part.

We live in the greatest age of scientific/medical experimentation in history. Never before has the human body been subjected to so many challenges in ways unknown to nature and so young. Medical intervention begins often in utero and not just with mothers at risk or babies at risk but with everyone exposed to the modern medical system. And that system has had no respect for the body or its immune function but has been set up to destroy symptoms with no account of the big picture or the body as a whole. Little wonder that serious and chronic disease is on the rise and never more so than in children.

Modern medicine wages war on symptoms and disease and in the doing, it wages war on the body. Your body is your best friend and when science/medicine sees it as an enemy there are two losers - your body and you.

The immune system is what keeps us well and it is the one system most affected by many of the medical interventions and interferences to which human beings are now subjected and by many of the 'advances' which science has brought.

If you want to give your body the best chance of keeping you well, take account of the following:

. the abuse of antibiotics through use in food production - buy organic or, grow some of your own food, or eat plenty of natural food.

. the presence of chemicals, additives, preservatives in food and the food chain - buy natural and organic, grow your own, buy local.

. the increased use of vaccines, drugs and antibiotics on babies and children - keep to a minimum and only in truly serious situations.

. C-section birth - best avoided but if you arrived that way then Homeopathy and a natural, varied diet can help as can Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and other traditional methodologies that don't have side effects and can rebalance at an energy and physiological level.

. overuse of antibiotics for minor conditions - save antibiotics, the few that remain, for life and death situations. A health immune response can handle infection, flu, colds and most things. Trust your body.

. use of anti-bacterials - these kill the good bacteria in and on your body which are a vital part of the immune response. You do not need them. Soap and water for clean hands when cooking or after the toilet is all you need.  Give up mouth-wash now. One of the first lines of defence is your mouth.

. prescribed drugs - if you need it to stay alive then fine, if you don't then look at other medical methodologies. They all have side-effects and they all repress symptoms and rarely cure. If they cured you would not have to take them for life.

.  the experimental nature of drugs and vaccinations and the toxic materials they contain - keep to a minimum or avoid. Beware of' maybe medicine' which is based in fear and not fact,  which will treat you for a disease you don't have and may never get.

. too much processed food and drinks and the chemicals they contain - keep such things to a minimum and always read labels.

. too little locally produced, naturally produced food- local food is fresher and has more nutrients. Natural food has optimum nutrition and nutrition feeds your body and allows the immune system to do what it needs to do.

. too much exposure to electro-magnetism in the home and at work - turn off all equipment in the bedroom at the socket. Particularly for children. Exposure depletes energy and impacts good sleep. Sleep is when your body does most of its repair work. It is crucial.

. not enough fresh air - fresh air means oxygen. Oxygen is crucial to the body for its repair and healing work.

. not enough sleep - too little sleep is a major stress as is too much. Sleep is when your body can get to work on curing that which needs to be cured and keeping you well.

. too much stress - mental, emotional, physical stress is another load for the body and if too much will compromise immune function. Balance your life.



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