Monday, February 10, 2014

A spoonful of sugar......

As a campaign grows to make sugar the new tobacco I can only be struck by how convenient it is to demonise certain items which then destroys lives and livelihoods at the bottom of the chain as often as not, and ignoring the changes to people's lives which probably contribute more to disease than either sugar or tobacco - medications, antibiotics, vaccinations, GM foods, chemicals, additives, preservatives in food, over-processing of food and chemicals in food production.

What a wonderful distraction to point the finger at something as easy as sugar. Sure there is too much of it in processed food but that can be easily fixed without demonising sugar in general. Moderation is or should be the operative word but of course then there would be no noisy and busy campaign to turn the heads of people away from the real causes of much disease today.

Let's remember as rates of serious and chronic disease rise dramatically, and faster in children, that sugar has been a part of the diet, as has tobacco for that matter, for centuries. What has not been a part of life are medications, antibiotics, vaccinations, GM foods, chemicals, additives and peservatives - but they of course are the basis of huge profit-driven and profitable industries.

People actually eat less sugar than they did in decades past and they certainly smoke less and the result - more obesity and more disease. The culprit is not sugar.

Hypocrisy and greed drive such things.

Excerpt: Gone are the days when the WHO would justify its existence trying to control Big Malaria or offer relief from Big Malnutrition. Today's pressing task is to eliminate the scourge of sugar and bring an end to the pandemic of podginess now sweeping the globe.

The nanny state has been recast as the nanny planet and the WHO has assumed responsibility for our diet as it seeks to turn back what Chan calls "the globalisation of unhealthy lifestyles".


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