Thursday, February 06, 2014

There is no quick fix for health

There are no wonder foods, wonder drinks, wonder drugs, wonder systems which will keep you healthy or get you healthy - there is only your wonder body which can cure anything if you give it what it needs.

Every body is different. Know your body. Not all foods suit all people; not all medical methodologies suit all people; not all health approaches suit all people - listen to your body, observe your body, love your body, befriend your body and you will know what it needs. You will learn its language. Symptoms are the language the body speaks to get your attention. They are also the mechanisms it uses to heal dis-ease. Honour them.

Do not listen to anyone who suggests you should fear or mistrust your body. You would never do that to a friend so why would you do it to your best friend? Your body knows what you need and what it needs before you do.

Trust your body to do what it believes is best for you and see dis-ease as a call to change.

How much work, sleep, food, exercise, creativity you need will be unique to you. There are general rules but we are all different and all absolutely unique so find what makes you feel vibrant and healthy. When it comes to food, eat what you enjoy and in moderation but consider the fact that what your body needs more than anything is nourishment and nutrients will be more abundant in food which is natural, local and prepared with love, eaten with love and appreciated on each count.

Your body is an organism which operates at physiological, emotional, psychological, circumstantial and spiritual levels. No two people will be the same in terms of which of those are more of a factor in gaining and maintaining health. For some the emphasis might be on the physical - diet and exercise; for others on the spiritual or the emotional - Know Thyself as the Eleusinian Mysteries  advised and you will be well on the way to being healthy in mind, body and soul.


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