Sunday, March 02, 2014

When ties that bind become untied

In past generations you might not like your parents but you accorded them respect as your parents. Generally people would 'do the right thing' and as they matured and had children, come to understand that, their parents had done their best, however much they may have failed as parents or as people or as both.

But times have changed it seems and those family ties and belief in family and the 'blood connection' are thinner and more stretched for many. And that is a loss for everyone involved. One can only hope in the swings and roundabouts way of life that that there will be a 'return' to a more balanced centre.

If only because we are connected at a cellular and DNA level and our parents are a part of us, as we are a part of them, and the line moves backward through centuries and forward into the future.

It may be 'easier' to dismiss and reject one's parents as many have chosen to do as this article reveals, but, that is not resolving a 'problem,' it is merely pushing it out of sight and mind, and the 'ties that bind' will always remain.

There is no doubt that 'time-out' maybe required by anyone from a complex and challenging relationship, but doors should never be locked and bolted, even if they are closed for a time, and a knock should always be welcomed, and at the end of the day, because parents will always have more power to hurt a child than vice-versa, final responsibility for 'mending' broken relationships, I believe, rests with the parent.

Some relationships may never be fixed, no matter what attempts are made, but, a child needs to know, whatever age they may be, that a parent will never reject them completely and a parent will always be there for them if they ask for help or seek to restore a relationship.


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