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Standing at a crossroads for health and humanity

 Our cells represent the cosmic consciousness that is us. They have one reason to be – their sole raison d’etre is to maintain integrity.  It is not surprising that is the focus of life across its entire spectrum, including the spectrum of the human organism.

If an imposer entered your home and tricked you, how would you feel?  Betrayed, confused, deceived, uncertain….? All of that and more. Our cells are no different.

If you found imposters entering your home daily, weekly, monthly, yearly – regularly, how do you think it would affect you?  Would you become more confused, uncertain, separated from what you believed was reality and what you faced? Probably.

The more it happened the more stress it would create and over time you would become dysfunctional to a greater degree and perhaps so dysfunctional that you were no longer sure of who you were, what was real and what was not and what you should do. Our cells are no different.

If you had the ability to help a friend who had to deal with imposters entering their home constantly, would you do what you could to help? Of course you would. So why not for your body?

‘Our bodies produce thousands of different molecular messages, and drug developers have taken advantage of this fact by synthesizing ‘imposter’ messages that mimic the chemistry and shape of our natural molecules.  In fact many drugs used in medicine today achieve their results by preventing natural signals from engaging their receptors.’ From Secrets of Your Cells, Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence, by Sondra Barrett, PhD.

Doctors and patients, who would be horrified to be so ‘tricked’ by those who set out to deceive and who ‘dress’ and ‘act’ and ‘talk’ in recognisable ways and yet are imposters,  think nothing of ‘tricking’ their cells and their body consistently.

Not only that, these ‘imposters’ and invaders trick us to be other than who we are. They deceive us into not acting as we would normally do. They compromise us and our capacity to maintain our integrity. They compromise our entire reason for being.

Is it any wonder that there is so little real curing and so much serious and chronic disease?

How could we become so cavalier, so unfeeling, so rude and so cruel to our greatest friend – our body?  Because we too are deceived into believing that our body is no more than a machine, or as one erstwhile scientist-medico said: ‘a bag of chemicals.’

This view of the human body and the human condition is recent. It is just a few centuries old, although, in truth, as a rigid mindset it is probably less than a century old. The ‘mind’ of science/medicine began to harden as power brought prestige and massive profits to a system sourced in the mechanical.

Healers of old would have laughed at such a concept. Older medical methodologies like Traditional  Chinese Medicine would have laughed at such a concept. The great scientists, doctors and healers throughout history would have laughed at such a concept. A more recent medical methodology, Homeopathy, was founded by Samuel Hahnemann, a doctor and a chemist, just over two centuries ago,  because he could see the beginnings of this ludicrous concept and the damage it did.

The Newtonian/Descartes paradigm which is the foundation of modern science and therefore modern medicine posits that all is material and can be approached from a mechanical perspective. Needless to say, neither  Newton or Descartes would have agreed with this and would no doubt be horrified at what is believed and done in their name, but this is where science chooses to sit itself. For the moment anyway.

So most people have come to see their body as something little different to a piece of equipment – except that it bleeds and needs sleep! The capacity not just to understand but to recognise that the human body is far more than this, has been lost or temporarily misplaced. In the meantime, with more mechanical advances in science/medicine, people are not healthier more of the time but healthier less of the time and few are every truly cured. Being on medication for life is not a cure.

More to the point, so much of modern medicine as procedures and pharmacology runs absolutely counter to the physiological and biological nature and wisdom of the human body.  The Allopathic approach of ‘removing’ or repressing a symptom has become accepted as a norm, despite the fact that you would have no time for a mechanic who suggested solving the problem of your ‘flashing warning light’ by cutting the wire.

 Most people would consider that not just delusional but dangerous. As it would be. The problem is not solved but you are not reminded it exists because the warning light is no longer flashing.

And yet that is what most people and most doctors do every hour of every day and have done for decades. ‘Cutting the wire’ to stop a ‘warning light from flashing’ is not healing by any stretch of the imagination.

No-one denies that the aspects of modern medicine which can be approached mechanically – crisis situations or reconstructive surgery – are invaluable. They would however be more valuable and more successful if science/medicine could embrace the ‘big picture’ and not just the material picture. But that will come.

And no-one denies that when modern medicine is returned to a holistic perspective, that the material and mechanical knowledge gained from the narrow and limited focus of its perspective for the past century or so, will be useful. It is just not enough and has now reached a point where it is doing more harm than good.

There is no doubt that the dogmatic mindset of science has driven medicine to this distorted perspective and will continue to do so until the harm quotient outweighs any good. There is also no doubt that the profit-driven focus of science/medicine plays a part in maintaining the system as it is and in keeping people second to any bank balance. But as the cost of litigation rises, and it will, that too will be questioned.

Human beings are not stupid and only a fool keeps doing the same thing and expecting a different result. It is little wonder then that more and more people are turning toward non-Allopathic medical methodologies and in the doing, demand that science/medicine rethink its beliefs and dogma, and see the human organism for what it is – a complex entity which may have some functions which appear mechanical but which are not mechanical.

At this point in history it is heartening to see more and more people questioning science and medicine and taking responsibility for their own health. That can only be to the good of all.

And why do I care about health and the role modern medicine plays in it ?

I care because I have an interest in health in general and a deep and abiding respect and awe for the wonder of the human body and an awareness that materialistic and mechanistic science/medicine, because of its mindset, is capable of great and unnecessary harm. That will change, because it must and even modern medicine is seeing a need for change demonstrated in a move toward Integrative medicine where the best of Allopathic works alongside other medical methodologies like Homeopathy, TCM, Herbal etc.

And also I care because I believe that modern medicine, Allopathic, despite its distorted and dangerous mindset, has developed useful skills. No-one could deny the 'nuts and bolts' knowledge of science/medicine can be and is useful. But it is not as useful as it will be when the body can be seen for what it is - an organism of deep complexity, which functions beyond the material and the mechanical.

This means that even modern medicine will be forced to give up the ludicrous idea that the body is a machine and take a holistic view of the body and health.

And when that happens Allopathy will do more good and less harm and medicine will be sourced in a 'big picture' which takes into account all that a human being is, instead of something akin to a car with a 'rattle' or a dishwasher which doesn't 'rinse' properly.

But much harm has already been done. With iatrogenic - doctor or medical induced - now the third biggest killer in the US and high on the list elsewhere, something is very, very wrong.

With rates of chronic and serious disease rising dramatically, particularly in developed nations where people are most exposed to modern medicine, and even faster in children, something is very, very wrong.

With cancer rates up from one in ten in 1900, before modern medicine embarked on its meddling, before vaccinations became an obsession, before pharmaceuticals became like 'lollies;' before antibiotics were over-used and one in two today, there are serious questions to be asked. Why?

Why are people less healthy in this day and age than they were a century ago? What has changed? Question everything that is different and on that basis vaccination must be questioned along with over-medication and the process of modern medicine and pharmacology where little that is natural goes into the body but a great deal which is unnatural - synthesized, for therein lies the potential for profit - is introduced into a human body within hours of birth and beyond and sometimes before birth.

In terms of health and lessening disease, modern medicine is an abject failure. The question is Why?

Well, it is my question, out of curiosity, concern, caring and consideration for all the people I love - big and small - but particularly the little ones who are utterly dependent on the big ones to make decisions for them.

Not enough people make decisions about health based on solid research, considered thinking and balanced information.

If I have a cause it is toward that end.


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