Monday, May 05, 2014

Disease comes from within not from without

"Bernard was right. The microbe is nothing. The soil (body's internal health/environment) is everything."
Dr. Louis Pasteur, French Chemist and Bacteriologist.

Germs, bacteria, viruses etc., do not make us ill and in fact we live in harmony with many of them most of the time - disease comes from a failure of the immune response and a weakening of general bodily health. A healthy body with a robust immune response is what keeps us well and makes us well. Anything which compromises that compromises our health.

Things which compromise health include:

1. poor diet with not enough natural food and too much processed food. Some organic food is always good. Enjoying what you eat is crucial.

2. A diet which is not varied enough and not fresh enough. Home prepared is good but mostly enjoy what you eat.

3. Antibiotics - the word means anti-life and they kill the good bacteria which keeps you well at the same time. (Clearly in life and death situations they are crucial, otherwise, refuse them. Although given their abuse by science/medicine they are increasingly useless anyway which makes a healthy body even more important.)

4. C-section delivery (clearly in emergency this can't be helped but elective C-section should be banned as scientists now know it compromises gut function in babies significantly and a healthy gut means better brain function and better immune function)

5  Pharmaceutical drugs. (Clearly if these are absolutely necessary one has no choice but ensure they are absolutely necessary and take no more than you must.)

6. Not enough fresh air. Open doors and windows and walk.

7. Electro-magnetism - turn off Wi-Fi at night and do not sleep in a room with anything electrical unless it is turned off at the socket.

8. Not enough sleep. Sleep is a habit. Make sure you have good sleep habits.

9. Not enough time relaxing, laughing and being. Meditation helps some, others gardening, knitting, painting - whatever you enjoy doing and which provides satisfaction.

10. A lack of meaning in life. If you can't find meaning at any sort of philosophical level, and any set of beliefs which suit you will do, then get a cat or a dog!

11. Vaccination but this will depend on how sensitive you are and how many you have and how often and whether they are multiple.

12. Not enough people contact or socialising. People matter. Family and friends are crucial to health. If you don't have much or many on hand, get a cat or a dog or some kind of pet! Or get involved in charity work.


Blogger Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Good sense! Some of it I needed to be reminded of right now, so thank you very much.

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