Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So why the dramatic rise in obesity?

As with many things there is a good chance that a variety of factors contribute to obesity. There is no doubt that over-processed food requires less energy to digest and assimilate and provides less nutrition, but, in the past forty years when obesity rates have soared in the developed world the following factors have also been at play:

1. the overuse of antibiotics medically and their criminal  profit-driven use, given the squandering of this valuable resource, in animal production which is inhumane and makes stock more prone to disease and the fact that for some livestock, antibiotics can increase weight. Antibiotics, the word means 'anti-life,' do not discriminate much and kill the good bacteria which keeps us healthy and gets us healthy, particularly in the gut, therefore compromising gut function and immune function.

2. the introduction of elective C-section, the emergency life or death C-section never being questioned, with subsequent scientific knowledge, when they finally caught up, revealing that it results in baby's who have compromised gut function which impacts digestion, assimilation, not to mention immune function and brain function. Who is to say also what impact the use of drugs in labour and childbirth has and the interventionist practices of modern medicine where pregnancy and birth are treated as 'diseases.'

3. the massive increase in vaccines from four to forty over about forty years, given within 24 hours of birth and before six months when a baby does not have a functioning immune system anyway, so goodness knows which particular theory that is based on, and the giving of more vaccines, often in multiple form, to children whose full immune response will not be functioning until they are fourteen. The practice of injecting artificial disease along with toxic chemicals and synthesized ingredients into a child's body is likely to have a detrimental effect on the most sensitive (20% of the population) and some effect on all and given the holistic nature of the human organism, likely to impact immune function/digestion/assimilation and general health.

4. the increase in chemical additives in food - preservatives, colourants etc., all of which impact digestion, assimilation and body function.

5. the over-processing of food where much of the fibre and nutrition is removed.

6. the experimental meddling with food - deconstructing milk and reconstructing it for instance - in ways never found in nature and which must impact digestion, assimilation and body function. The unnatural and synthetic concoction which is margarine and many of the so-called milks, which bear little relation to raw, natural milk, being clear examples.

7. the lack of exercise in children and adults through fear (driving kids to school when I walked ten miles, there and back, as a given when I was a kid) and convenience, for both adults and children.

8. the increase in electro-magnetism in homes which impacts body function, particularly in the most sensitive, nearly a quarter of the population, where children may sleep in a room with television, telephone, electric clock, computer etc.

9. the increased use of formula instead of breastfeeding where an artificial construct is fed to babies which must always be inferior to breastmilk and which must impact digestion, assimilation and body function.

10. the increased medication of children and adults, all of which have side-effects, and all of which may play a part in chronic and serious disease increasing in adults and even faster in children, in developed countries.

11. And while still a minority it has yet to be established, and will not be established until two generations have grown up and lived relatively normal lives and given birth to children who do the same, what impact IVF procedures have on human beings, which, given the completely unnatural nature of the process is likely to be substantial.

Studying obesity rates in light of the various contributing factors will no doubt, in time, make the why of the what clearer.

The human organism is nothing if not complex and every 'cause' will have an 'effect,' it is just a matter of how long it takes to work out what the effect is and the cause or causes.


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