Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The only issue to consider with vaccination is freedom to choose...

My position, like most who question vaccination is freedom to choose. I don't give a toss if people have every vaccination known to science and more. I do care if they seek to force their beliefs on me and others and want to sacrifice the democratic right of freedom to make personal choices in regard to health and medical treatments, simply to assuage their irrational fears.
Vaccines patently do not work as claimed, but if they make people feel better then go for it. Your health is your choice. Your choices for your children are your right. I support you absolutely. But no-one has the right to dictate to others how they should care for their health, their body, their children. No-one.
The argument so often put is that children have to be protected from their parents poor choices and yet this is a position which could be applied on so many counts.
If we were going to take into account the various health arguments for mind and body and positions taken by this group or that, we could have movements to ban vegetarianism and veganism; alcohol and consumption of fats; elective C-sections; natural birth; epidurals; drug-free births; home-births; hospital births; home-schooling; public schooling; medication for children .... on and on and on it would go, with the enormous diversity of human belief and practice being applied to the society as a whole. Madness.
The other argument so often thrown up is that everyone needs to be vaccinated so we can all sit safely in our 'herd immunity' bubble. Apart from the fact that this has only ever been theory and increasingly, in regard to vaccines, disproven theory, it would in an age of air travel be impossible to create.
There will never be 99% vaccination rates on earth, never. So, there will always be people flying around this world who have not been vaccinated. Not that it really matters as the China test-case is increasingly demonstrating.
China, as a communist state can and does force their citizens and with 99% vaccination, as high as anyone can get and supposedly providing the much touted theory of herd immunity, which even science knows only applies to naturally acquired disease and not artificially transmitted and often synthetic disease forms.
More and more outbreaks and more and more hysteria from those who believe in some vaccine fantasy of protection at the end of a needle, where an artificially constructed form of a disease is artificially administered to completely bypass the first line of immune defence in the body, the skin and mucous membranes, injected into the body where there is immediate entry to the bloodstream in a way which could never occur in nature, and in a way for which the human body has never evolved.
And then in the US - whooping cough outbreaks in groups where people are up to date on their vax schedules.


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