Friday, July 25, 2014

The dangers of denial and delusion in the United States as it supports Israeli aggression.

While there is clearly censorship and propaganda in the international media to varying degrees from country to country, perhaps one of the most sobering realities to come out of this latest war crime by Israel, is how a majority of Americans are just so brainwashed by propaganda that they have lost any capacity to rationalise, let alone consider principles of justice.

And the reason this matters is because as a nation drowning in paranoia and fear it remains the biggest warmonger of the past half century and it has massive weaponry capable of enormous destruction and threatens us all.

The US is a dark reminder of Germany in the years leading up to Hitler and so is Israel. But Israel was always delusional and dysfunctional and has some reasons, real and imagined, for its high levels of paranoia in ways the US does not.

And yet if you listen to what so many Americans say it becomes clear it is a nation drowning in fear, paranoia, delusion and propaganda. How easy then is it for such nations to be drawn into deadly wars? Very easy, for delusion and fear when combined cripple if not destroy the capacity for rational thought.

One can only hope that the voices raised in the United States for the genocidal acts of Israel are not a majority although since they reflect the actions of the American government, there is a good chance that they do.

As the United States supports the genocidal acts of Israel, the bloody ragings of a rogue state and 'madman' by its actions and by omission and commission, and other nations remain silent by omission if not commission, then the future of the world rests on the edge of a dangerous precipice.

For if you deny justice to one, you deny it to all and the betrayal of principles of the modern, democratic world is a terrible betrayal of all those who come after us. If indeed anyone does.


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